Bridal Tiara and Veil

Which Hair Accessory is Right for You?

Choose a Bridal Tiara and Veil That Compliments Your Face Shape

A tiara (and veil) should draw attention to your face by framing it, not draw attention away from it. The wrong shape tiara can make your face look too long and thin or too short and full. Here is a guide:

ROUND(full) face: If your face is ROUND, there is equal distance all around, using the nose as a centerpoint. It will be as wide as it is long, with rounded edges.

  • To make your face appear longer, choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak.
  • A round, full face will benefit from a veil that falls along the sides of the face, thus working to help narrow it.
  • A round-faced bride should also stay away from round hairstyles. Wearing your hair down or in a face-framing bob is the best option.

LONG face: If your face is LONG, it will look like an elongated oval.

  • We recommend headbands or tiaras with little or no height that extend over your head from one side to the other at an even height.
  • Look for veils of the waterfall variety.
  • Stay away from piled-high hair, which will only make you look more elongated.

OVAL face: If your face is OVAL, it is slightly longer than is it wide, with soft, curved edges.

  • Avoid pieces with a peak at the top, which will make your face appear longer. Wearing a headband, forehead piece, or a back piece will make your face appear less oval.

HEART-SHAPED face: If your face is HEART-SHAPED, it is wider at the eye, temple, and cheek area, with a narrow chin. The edges are soft and curved.

  • If your face is heart-shaped or triangular, you'll want to add width at the jawline. Since most veils will be too full for you, the best choice is a back piece, where the width shows up behind the neckline.
  • As for hair, a chignon or flipped-up bob is a great look.

DIAMOND shaped face: If your face is DIAMOND shaped, it's widest at the cheeks, narrow at the chin and forehead, with sharper features.

  • If you're lucky enough to have a diamond shaped face, congratulations -- you're perfectly symmetrical, so your bridal tiara and veil choices are unlimited, as long as they complement your gown, neckline, and proportions.

The Different Styles of Bridal Tiaras

Tiara: Known as the "princess of headpieces," tiaras offer the most impressive effect.

They are a fantastic accent to any gown, from a simple sheath style to a ball gown style.

Tiaras can be worn with or without a veil and are usually accented with a pearls, rhinestones, crystals, etc. They compliment upswept hairstyles as well as shorter hairstyles. 

pearl and rhinestone bridal headband

Headband: Headbands are a very functional option. For brides who want to wear their hair down, a headband can be used to keep her hair away from her face.

Headbands can also be worn to accent upswept hairstyles as well, by wrapping it around a bun. 

Today you can find exquisite headbands made from rhinestones, or Swarovski crystals that are accented with draping ribbons that can be tied in the back or worked into your updo. 

Double Headband: Double Headbands are the most versatile of all. They can be worn flat on the head as a headband, tilted forward in tiara style, or wrapped around a bun. 

rhinestone comb hair piece

Comb: A comb is a simple piece that can be worn with almost any hairstyle.

Depending on the style, it can sometimes provide for a less formal look.

They make beautiful combs with soft feathers or flowers on them that can be used as a side accent. Or you can add a small beaded comb to the back of your updo for decoration after you remove your veil. 

So, which bridal tiara, headband or comb is right for you? Check out our wedding hairstyle photo gallery to see pictures of real brides, as well as, a collection of hair styles that look great with different hair accessories. 

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