Gipson Wedding - Joining two lives as one 8-16-14

by Robin Gipson
(Park Forest, IL)

George and I met in October 2010 thru We dated for just under 4 years before he asked me to be his wife. In the those four years we have seen lots of ups and down in life. From personal cancer scares, to confirmation of cancer detection in our immediate family.

George had been a rock in my life thru the detection, treatment and final moments of my sister's life from ovarian cancer. In June 2013, my sister passed, and after seeing how he took care of not only me, but the rest of my family, I knew he was the man I had always been looking for. After returning home from Northern Michigan after taking care of final arrangements in July, I told him I was ready to spend my life with him when he was ready. That September (Labor Day 2013), he asked my parents for permission to take my hand in marriage, Unbeknownst to me. Two weeks later he surprised me with the ring and the proposal.

George speaks several languages and asked me to marry him in German. The funny thing is I don't speak German and kinda looked at him with a blank stare. Told him I am not sure what you just said, but yes. His comment back was, Duh, I am on one knee with a ring, what do you think I just asked you to get me ice cream? Of course I would have done that too. Of course it was a resounding YES !!!

After visiting several bridal salons from Michigan, Illinois and a few in Indiana, I found Catherine's Bridal in November. Tina was my consultant and she brought dress after dress in and nothing was right. I was just about to leave and Tina asked if I would consider a different material. I was hesitant as first, but thought what the heck, I am already here. She goes into the basement and pulls a few dresses out. The last one was THE ONE. Before she even took it out of the plastic bag I was like, that is my dress. I proceed to put it on and was so excited to put it on. It was a bit small for me, but she assured me that they could alter it to fit. I asked for a few minor tweaks and she again assured me that they absolutely could make those changes.

The dress was a zipper back and I always wanted a corset back. The dress was a size to small, so I took that into my own hands and dropped a little weight to help the alterations look amazing.

Fast forward to June 2014 the first dress fittings. Tina and Cathy did the measurements for the dress. Was back in July for second fitting and to meet with the seamstress. Then one last fitting in August to pick up the dress. EVERYTHING fit perfectly and was AMAZING.

Thank you so much to the entire staff of Catherine's Bridal. You are AMAZING !!!!

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