Wedding Engagement

What to do After You Get Engaged

Hooray! You are engaged! You've got the perfect guy, the perfect ring, and the proposal was unforgettable! Now what should you do? The first thing to do is CELEBRATE! Enjoy your decision to build a life with your one true love. The wedding engagement period is one of the most romantic times in a relationship. Enjoy it!

Once you come down from cloud nine, the following advice will get you going in the right direction.

Spread the News

Share the big news with your immediate family and inner circle of friends first. Traditional etiquette dictates that you should tell the bride's parents first, and then the groom's parents. Then move on to grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends, etc. 

Resist the urge to announce your wedding engagement via social media, before talking to those who are most important in your life. There is nothing worse than your best friend, or grandma, finding out that you are getting married through a Facebook status update!

Minted Wedding Stationery

Once the important people know the news, you can choose from hundreds of other ways to tell the rest of the world. Many couples have an engagement photo shoot, submit their engagement announcement to the local newspaper, have an engagement party and some couples send out formal engagement announcements. There are many ways to spread the news, depending on your level of creativity and personality, time constraints and budget.

How will you announce your wedding engagement?

Get a Manicure

In the weeks and months following your engagement, all eyes will be on your hand! Splurge for a professional manicure, and show off that sparkle with style. 

Quick Tip: Once you have a confirmed date, then a timeline for all of the other pieces of the wedding planning puzzle will fall into place.

Choose Your Date

Time to get out your calendar! Many people wonder how long a wedding engagement period should last. Well, typically, it is six to twelve months. However, some engagements are longer, and others are substantially shorter.

The real question is, when you think of your dream wedding, when does it take place? Have you always dreamed of being a June bride? Or how about a having a magical winter wedding? Is an outdoor wedding your ideal? How many people do you want to attend? What is your budget? The answer to these questions will dictate how long, or short your engagement will be. 

Once you have a confirmed date, then a timeline for all of the other pieces of the wedding planning puzzle will fall into place.

Whatever the case, the key to successful wedding planning is to pick a date (preferably a range of dates), so that you can progress through all of the other steps as quickly or as slowly as you need to.

Once you have the date in mind, the next step is to confirm that the date you choose is available at all of the venues you want book. For example are the church and the reception hall both available on your chosen date?

Insure Your Engagement Ring

Quick Tip: A great wedding planning tool is to create a wedding planning website. Many of these sites offer wedding planning timelines, checklists, photo uploads, event calendars, RSVP management, custom domain names and so much more...for FREE! What a fun way to share your experience.  

While it is not the most glamorous task, it is very important to protect this precious piece of your history together. Accidents happen. Rings fall off of fingers or lose stones all of the time. If anything goes wrong with your engagement ring, you will be happy you followed this simple advice.

Start Planning Your Wedding

How do you begin to plan a wedding? Well, a good first step is to start dreaming up a vision. Sign up for a Pinterest account (if you don't already have one) and create an online board to inspire you and help you remember all of your ideas. 

One of the first things engaged couples do is purchase a wedding planning guide to help keep them on track. There are thousands to choose from, all of which look at wedding planning from a different angle. 

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