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Wedding gown preservation and storage bust display

What should I do with my gown after the wedding? Many brides struggle with that question. Since most brides prefer to treasure the memories of their wedding day by keeping their wedding dress, it is important to understand the proper methods of cleaning and storing your gown so it can last for years to come. We highly recommend The Wedding Gown Preservation Company for gown preservation and storage.

If you are a local bride, all you need to do is bring your dress to us, and we will take care of the rest. And remember, if you bought your dress at Catherine's, you will save $25 to $50 on preservation! If you can't bring your dress to us, you can also buy a kit online (see below). Their kit comes with everything you need to easily package and ship your wedding gown to their facility, and have it delivered back to you, preserved with care as an everlasting memory of your wedding. You can also add your photo or a personal message to the box for an even more personal display of your most special day! See the photos at the end of the page for examples.

Why Wedding Gown Preservation?

It is important to understand the difference between dry cleaning and gown preservation. Dry cleaning provides a basic cleaning of obvious dirt and stains. However, it does not protect against the long term yellowing, fabric deterioration, or invisible stains that can surface over time and ruin your gown. It is important to find a highly reputable and experienced preservation service that will carefully examine each gown individually under special lighting and hand treat all stains with gentle yet effective chemicals.

They should also treat the fabric against yellowing and other discolorations with an anti-sugar treatment. Proper cleaning and preservation will permanently remove both visible and invisible stains, as well as protect the fabric from deterioration. Once preserved, your gown will look just as beautiful as the day you first tried it on. 

The Wedding Gown Preservation company is the leader in wedding gown preservation, serving brides since 1913. 

The following short video shows just how simple it is to preserve your wedding gown! 

Or, click here if you prefer written instructions on the Wedding Gown Preservation Process. 

Buy Your Kit Today!

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You can store up to up to 3 accessories (veil, gloves, purse, etc) for FREE. You can upgrade your kit to include optional text or photo personalization! See photos of the different options below. Once your kit arrives, complete the order form and follow the instructions that are included to order the personalization options that you want. It's so easy!

The Preservation Kit includes...

~ Prepaid gown cleaning and preservation

Buy your Kit now! Only $199.00

Wedding gown preservation and storage traditional bust display

~ FREE Preservation of Up To 3 Accessories (veil, gloves, purse, etc) (additional charge for 4 or more. Order form included)

~ Gentle Spot Removal Service

~ Gentle Dry Cleaning

~ Gentle Steam pressing

~ Gown wrapped in acid free tissue

~ Preservation bust

~ White, glossy preservation chest with viewing window

~ Outside shipping container

~ $500 declared value shipping insurance

~ 100 year certificate of gurantee against yellowing

~ White Glove Test to Inspect Your Museum Grade Preservation

~ Prepaid shipping both ways (within the continental US)

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