Wedding Hairstyle Videos

Ideas and DIY Tutorials

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for your wedding or special occasion? Thinking about doing it yourself? We have put together some videos and other tutorials to help you begin experimenting.

Ponytail Up-Do

This short video shows a very creative three ponytail up-do wedding hairstyle. This style would be ideal for brides with medium to long hair. 

Buns and Chignons

Buns and chignons can be worn low at the nape of the neck, to the side, or high on the head. If you want a full look but your hair isn't quite long enough, ask your hairstylist to add a bit of hair padding. The padding looks a bit like cotton, but once your hair is smoothed over it you'll never know it's there. 

An alternative is to tease your hair with a fine tooth comb and carefully smooth the top layer for a finished look. 

To give a bun or chignon a polished look, have your hairstylist leave out a section of the hair to wrap around the top or bottom and then pin in place. You may also choose to insert a few hairpins or a comb to finish off your look.

The chignon hairstyle has become increasingly popular and is very versatile.

The next video shows a very pretty variation of the chignon. This one is similar to one previously worn by Reese Witherspoon. 

Half Up - Half Down

One of the hottest looks in wedding hairstyles right now is long, flowing hair with just a bit pulled back off the face. Add a bridal tiara or comb where the hair is fastened on the head and create an elegant, whimsical look. If you don't have time to grow your hair out for your wedding, consider a set of hair extensions to give fullness and length where you need it. 

Sleek and Straight Styles

Sleek, straight styles give your wedding day look a modern edge and really highlights the accessories you choose to wear. If your hair has a bit of natural wave, use a flat iron to smooth, then mist with a setting spray.