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How to Choose the Right Dress

Browse our Mother of the Bride inventory online
Browse our Mother of the Bride inventory online
Browse our Mother of the Bride inventory online

It's hard being the mother of the bride (or groom)! Now that you have helped the rest of the bridal party look their best...what about you? Fortunately, Catherine's Bridal Boutique can help. Not only do we provide tons of tips and advice here on our website, we carry a wonderful selection of gowns, from today's top designers, in our store in Valparaiso, IN. Every piece is available in a wide range of beautiful colors in both misses and plus sizes. 

Short on time? Rush delivery is available. Contact us for more details or make an appointment to come in and see our selection for yourself.

Not sure how to choose the perfect mother of the bride dress? Don't know where to start? Let our helpful tips and advice (below) guide you in this very important choice

General Advice for the Mother of the Wedding

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

Moms are notorious for waiting until the last minute to find their outfit for the wedding day. We realize that there are numerous reasons why this happens, i.e. too busy planning the logistics of the day, weight loss efforts, budget constraints, and just plain disappointment in the selection available at local department stores. 

However, you are an important part of the wedding party, so you should take your outfit for the day seriously. If you wait too long, your selection becomes severely limited. You are less likely to get the color or the style that looks best on you, and you also severely limit your opportunity to have the gown tailored to fit you perfectly. 

Find the Right Style for YOU

Finding the right gown for you begins with a thorough understanding of your body type. It is important to stick with styles that compliment your assets and take the focus off of problem areas.

The following video provides more advice for mothers of the bride and groom. 

Coordinating With the Other Mother

Traditional etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride should find her gown first, in order to set the tone for the mother of the groom. While this is traditionally what used to happen, it is not absolutely necessary. The mothers involved should remain flexible and in communication with each other (whether directly or through the bride) as to their findings so that they can coordinate both style and color choice. 

Color Choice

Moms should not wear the same color as the bridesmaids. They should choose a color that is not only complimentary to the bridal party, but to their skin tone as well. Remember, you will be in many want to look your best, but don't choose a color that clashes! Also, check with the bride for some guidance. She may have some color preferences for you to work with. Work with an experienced boutique to find just the right color for you and your situation. Be prepared with swatches of bridesmaids colors and other accenting colors that the bride will be using. 

The following video gives advice on all of the things to consider when choosing the color of your mother of the bride dress. 

The Importance of Undergarments

Choosing the right undergarments will make an enourmous difference in how your gown fits your body. Once you get your gown, experiment with different bras, slips and body slimmers to get the perfect look. 

Don't Forget the Accessories

Your shopping does not stop once you find a dress! The next step is to find a great pair of shoes, a handbag and complimentary jewelry to complete your outfit.

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