How to Choose the Right Wedding Shoes

Practical Advice to Help You Make the Right Choice

The shoes you choose for your wedding day (or other special occasion) should be chosen based on style AND comfort. Your comfort level for the event will depend heavily on the style of shoe that you choose.

When shopping for a shoe, The first thing you're going to notice is the style, because a pair of women's special occasion shoes often make you gasp at how pretty they are! The second thing will be fit, because even the most amazing shoes aren't all that great if they make your feet hurt all night.

Things to think about when you are choosing your shoes:

  • Bridal and Formal shoes come in many different fabrics. The most popular wedding shoes come in white satin or silk, and can be dyed to match your gown. However, there are many other varieties in silver or gold vinyl that are comfortable, stylish and in many cases, less expensive. So don't limit yourself.

Quick Tip: Choose a heel height that you can wear all night. Your dress will be hemmed to the length that is right for you, based on the heel height that you wear at your fitting. If you plan to switch to a lower heel at the reception, your dress will be dragging the floor, making it very difficult to walk around and dance.

  • A decorated hemline calls for a simpler shoe style, while embellished shoes can dress up a plain hemline.
  • If your event takes place on a lawn, beach, or other soft surface, avoid stiletto heels, as they tend to sink into soft ground and sand. Instead look for a wide heel or flat.
  • Remember that higher heels will make your legs look more toned (keeping your calves flexed), and they'll also ensure better posture. 
  • You will be surprised at how helpful a platform heel really is! The right platform can provide stability as well as style, while giving you the height that you need. Don't be afraid to try some on and walk around in them. 
  • Shoe pads can help prevent slipping and chafing so that you can keep dancing all night. In fact, shoe pads can actually make your feet look better by preventing your toes from hanging over the edge of the shoe.

Quick Tip: Turn your shoe into your "something blue" by dyeing them your favorite shade of blue. There are so many shades to choose from!

  • A few weeks before the wedding, start wearing your shoes inside for an hour or two at a time. This will break in the fabric, and help you get used to wearing them.
  • Add a little fun to your day by dyeing your bridal shoes the color of your bridesmaids dresses. This small detail makes for some great pictures. It's an easy way to customize your look.
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